I am glad to come with an idea to assist the SmartPhone users helping them with free to use theft safety software for their devices. I thank all the Beta testers of various mobile phone forums for helping to trace the bugs and shaping the final product. The product release is dedicated in memory of Professor. Richard Feynman, who is the hero for me all time. Source Code is for sale, price depends on users level. Contact Developer for details. Only Tested on Nokia 6600 although supports certain of other models.

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Otran the Spy for Series 60 Symbian devices is theft safety mechanism helping the smart phone users in tracking the present user of the device. The freeware packages comes in two versions name Power Edition and Mini Edition. Mini Edition were reduced in inorder to give high performance. Both the editions are freeware and no commercial excersise is allowed. Mike Wazowski's Image to right which is used as a logo for power pack is owned by ©Walt Disney.
The full powerfull pack with all the spying features of project.
Theft alert system for the smartphone by intimating the change of SIM Card by the thief, defeating thief by its hidden operations.

Archiving Personal Contacts to private storage, so hiding from the thief and restoring provision and also with remote retrieval.

Sound based locating of the device, even when the device is placed in Silent mode Profile.

Provision for Logging the Communication channel(Telephone and SMS) in hidden mode, allowing to see log even if cleared by user.
The cut down package with no extra features and for simple use.
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