Products Available
CMans OTRAN v1.0
a mobile theft safety software
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CMans SaySMS v3.0
Say SMS for Series60 2nd edtion devices
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Personal Mobile Computer
an SMS based remote control for PC
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Black Light
IR based remote control for the PC
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Wireless Information Systems
a WAP site for bus route information
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Digital Thermo
a I2C based thermometer and interface for PC
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AT Keyboard Interface
keyboard interface driver code for PC
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Secure FAT32 Hypothesis
simple research functionality addition thesis to FAT32 filesystem architecture
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PIC Code Examples
list of PIC codes that helps as tutorials for PIC begginers
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Download the freeware applications made by me

The applications available over here are free for download and use. No single product is sold commercially. All the applications are developed for some academic level needs which later turned out into a utility that can be used by public for their personal needs. The softwares available spread over a broad domain range of applications and not just addressing any single domain of problems.
We dont appreciate illegal distribution of the software products owned by us or any other commercial excercise on our works. We do welcome other developers to port their product into world wide web via our channel, ofcourse provided they give it for free. Me too have some projects off-shelf yet to complete which may be released in future..


Warning and Disclaimer: The usage of software dont assure you any guarantee if any damage caused on using the software. CMansStudios is not responsible for any loss of data or hardware in course of using the software, due to its malfunction or a bug..



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