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Ideas & Contribution Welcome
As i am presently being under a private firm, so the contribution to the innovative community has reduced drastically. So i have decided to open up for others to contribute. People can share their innovative application via CMans Studios.
Send ur Thoughts to me
OTRAN code on the Market
Some of undiscolsed corporates involved in Telecommunication Business are working around on products which make use of the idea involved in OTRAN and accomponying sourcecode as a base reference. Source code has been deleivered @ discount rate for students as a reference for their academic works..
Get sourcecode via here
Gunasekaran of a geek keeps changing...

I wont be able to produce/contribute any more freeware stuff for the community for a short duration. The life has changed this way because of some of the works i am involved in. Certain private research stuff keeps me away from doing any other stuff. Still the life is going as wonderful as it was. I might not update this website for longer; but will keep writing blog posts @ I feel its more cocnvineant to write things there than editing webpages here. Though i dont mind answering some queries, feel free to send a mail.

Say SMS 3.0 - Free GPL version of Source code available for download
The v3 of Show on delivery messaging application to support Series60 3rd edition models is available for Beta Testing. The application has been submitted for Symbian Signing, and will be available for download soon. The source code is available under GPL as there is a sort of code/idea theft that happened with OTRAN v1.0. The earlier version of SaySMSv2.5 is still accessible for the end users having Series60 2nd edition devices.

Otran V1.0 for Series60 Mobile Devices - CODE FOR SALE

A known issue realted to Telephony based UI launch and passcode in existing version of OTRAN resolved, with a small fix. Read further more information. The software though a successful freeware, it doesnt have much of market oppurtunity; with this in mind and along with paining little support from Symbian for freewares we drop the release of Otran for S60 3rd edition.

PIC Microcontroller Example Source Codes Released
The codes that help the developers of embedded programming using PIC microcontrollers. The codes are available for free download and contains a wide range of commonly used drivers and interfaces in the embedded programming domain.

I welcome all technical queries and suggestions any time. The response will in queued mode.


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