Products Available
CMans OTRAN v1.0
a mobile theft safety software
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CMans SaySMS v3.0
Say SMS for Series60 2nd edtion devices
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Personal Mobile Computer
an SMS based remote control for PC
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Black Light
IR based remote control for the PC
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Wireless Information Systems
a WAP site for bus route information
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Digital Thermo
a I2C based thermometer and interface for PC
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AT Keyboard Interface
keyboard interface driver code for PC
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Secure FAT32 Hypothesis
simple research functionality addition thesis to FAT32 filesystem architecture
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PIC Code Examples
list of PIC codes that helps as tutorials for PIC begginers
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Microcontroller Programming examples for PIC Micros

The programs available here are the sample examples i tried out when i was a begginer in developing embedded programs using PIC microcontrollers. Ofcourse the programs here are not the complete list. Some are censored for copyright protection.

The codes available here are just examples and most of them with no commented documentation. Its the users responsibility to understand the coe by browsing through.

Tools Involved

Microcontrollers -- PIC16F84A, PIC16F877

Compilers -- Hitech C Compiler for PIC Micros, PIC Assembly programming.

All other needed circuitry materials regarding individual programs are to be decided by the developers using the code.

The example code contains

RS232 LCD Interface

4x4 Keypad Circuitry and Interface

LCD Driver

7 Segment LED Display Interface

Test Code for chip with LEDs. etc..,


1.) Code for PIC16F84A -- -- 186 KB

2.) Code for PIC16F877 -- -- 28 KB

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