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CMans OTRAN v1.0
a mobile theft safety software
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CMans SaySMS v3.0
Say SMS for Series60 2nd edtion devices
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Personal Mobile Computer
an SMS based remote control for PC
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Black Light
IR based remote control for the PC
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Wireless Information Systems
a WAP site for bus route information
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Digital Thermo
a I2C based thermometer and interface for PC
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AT Keyboard Interface
keyboard interface driver code for PC
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Secure FAT32 Hypothesis
simple research functionality addition thesis to FAT32 filesystem architecture
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PIC Code Examples
list of PIC codes that helps as tutorials for PIC begginers
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This software entitled "WIRELESS INFORMATION SYSTEMS" is used as a WAP Gateway information technology to get information about the bus service provided for current time from any location of the city.

The need considered here is make availability of information about the bus service for the authorized users in their mobile devices using the Mobile WEB SDK. Mobile Toolkit is one the sub tools of the .NET Framework. It is a set of Microsoft designed classes that help the developers to create dynamic or static wap pages with the help of their server controls as key elements. Programmers could use these controls in their desired way to enhance the look of their pages. It is one of the sub tools of ASP.NET a great advancement in web development.

With the pages designed using this tool of .NET the users can browse the site from any of their mobile devices in a friendly interface in the small screen system that they have. Here the .NET controls the independency of the capability of any of the mobile devices that request the page and manages to create pages as per their capability.

It is easy to create wap pages than the tools that exist already such as WML1.1 and HTML 3.2 with the limited number of extensive programming with the control of the mobile device. The facility of style-sheet management helps really in a clever way of designing.

Microsoft.NET making of dynamic wap pages became very compatible. The Mobile WEB SDK also enables the developers to use any of the languages that the .NET Framework carries to have other way of data communication to make the site more dynamic. This modular approach gives an easy way to maintain the site in a fruitful manner. We can also implement the user defined or third party controls to be used in development.


1.) Software & SourceCode -- -- 1.65 MB

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