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CMans OTRAN v1.0
a mobile theft safety software
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CMans SaySMS v3.0
Say SMS for Series60 2nd edtion devices
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Personal Mobile Computer
an SMS based remote control for PC
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Black Light
IR based remote control for the PC
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Wireless Information Systems
a WAP site for bus route information
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Digital Thermo
a I2C based thermometer and interface for PC
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AT Keyboard Interface
keyboard interface driver code for PC
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Secure FAT32 Hypothesis
simple research functionality addition thesis to FAT32 filesystem architecture
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PIC Code Examples
list of PIC codes that helps as tutorials for PIC begginers
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Personal Mobile Computer

The system is designed in order to make some use of the free-of-cost available network medium with the computing devices to control various home appliances (AC Load) by using the SMS facility available in mobile phones. The hardware prototype model designed for controlling the home appliances was a successful one to be at the demonstration level. The software entirely brings out the most emergency commands over the Microsoft Windows operating system platform. Besides, this system also incorporates SMS inbox facility for the user.

The project implementation has been quite successful in its performance, it can be developed to a more higher level platform and the prototype is implemented onto embedded devices to help in control every of the general purpose appliances. These functions can be done using telecommunication medium by DTMF encoding or via the internet communication but the cost considerations limit this progress. The reason is that, the cost of telephone calls and dial-up for getting internet connection might be time and cost consuming. SMS overcomes these difficulties by its ease of use and less cost. By fabricating some small intelligence over the devices to be accessed, the low cost service is even affordable for an average man. Thus everything will become accessible onto the packet sized device from any part of the world.


1.) Software -- -- 5.26 MB

2.) SourceCode -- -- 677 KB

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